My First Release!

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Survive the Maze here to play! There is still a lot of work to do, so please send me your ideas/suggestions/issues. I will be releasing a new update every two weeks. Enjoy!

(Note: There are no loading screens. It is not frozen, the first 60 seconds of gameplay are just a little hitch-ey. It gets smoother after that)

Fullscreen mode recommended (the blue icon in the bottom-left corner).

<Click Here to load the game in its own page>

How to play:

Survive the Maze requires a mouse with a right-click functionality (no touch support yet) A keyboard is recommended.

Minotaur (Fear the Light) – Right-click to move. You can pass through walls as long as they are not lit.

Spartan (Bear the Light) – Left click to select a character, right click to move him. You can drag to select multiple characters as well. Walk into a defeated ally to bring them back.

Use the scroll wheel to zoom, click and drag the middle mouse or use the arrow keys to move the camera around.

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