Atonement is complete!

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Atonement is my first complete game so far. It is also my first attempt at creating an interactive parable. Honestly, I originally intended for the game to carry a more somber mood (it is called Atonement, after all), but the orchestral scores I tried just didn’t fit the game I was making. When I put in the current soundtrack, I laughed so hard that I fell out of my chair. It was perfect, and I realized that my game had, in part, created itself.

I challenged myself to create this game in two weeks. It took three, but the extra time was definitely well spent. The game is intentionally short, I don’t want to put unnecessary filler in if it doesn’t support the core themes. You can play in-browser below, or download the game for PC if you prefer (More options may come soon 🤞). The audio does hitch a bit for the web version, but I would recommend keeping the music on anyways.


Windows portable version here

<Click Here to load the game in its own page>

Every game I make is open-sourced and free. If you want to contribute to this project, or help with future games, please let me know! I would love to collaborate with a real artist for my next one.

Credits and details:

The source code for this game is publicly available at

Engine: Godot v3.2.3

Art: Hand drawn by me, colored by my wife Jessica

Sound effects: Free audio from, the full effect list is here. Most sounds were edited in length

Music: Rogue Strings Rag by code_box on

Bugs: Generously and abundantly contributed by yours truly

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