About SDG Games

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Soli Deo Gloria. The phrase means “Glory to God alone.” While it became well-known during the Reformation, the phrase actually found its origin with artists and musicians¬†(Bach, Handel, and others) who would sign their work with the letters “S.D.G.” as a reminder that the work they did was not for their own glory. I cannot think of a better name for my video game project than SDGGames. I believe that God is leading me to attempt something radically different than a traditional business model.

While I am obviously starting small, I have learned that the story I tell is just as impactful as the game I’m making (if not more). So, here is a crazy dream in its entirety: I want to make open-sourced inspirational video games. I want to sell them and give the proceeds to charities which support the needy and vulnerable. I want to tell stories of hope to the gaming community. I want to provide tangible hope to individuals who simply need a meal or a roof over their heads. And I want to be a part of a vibrant community that is founded upon the joy of giving hope away freely. I don’t care about my name, but I do want to boldly do everything in the name of Jesus Christ. He is the only source of lasting hope that I have ever found, so I want to share the good news with everyone I encounter.

If you have read any of the fiction by Lewis or Tolkien, then you have an idea what I want to create: fictional stories that are true in theme and message. Our world today still craves these kind of stories. I am in need of prayer and feedback/ideas. I don’t fully know how to get from here to the vision I shared above, but I believe that it is possible with your help.

I have had so many encouraging conversations already. Day after day, God has showed up in incredible and unexpected ways. Please feel free to reach out at any time with feedback or ideas! If you believe that this kind of project is needed in today’s world, then the greatest thing you could do is pray for me as I start on this journey. And now that this dream of mine is out there in the wild, I hope that it may touch your heart as well.